Cargo Overseas

The core of our project was to revitalize the company’s digital identity.

We rebuilt their site from the ground up—on a new CMS and platform—with state-of-the-art user experience design techniques. For this project, it was important to communicate the quality of their service through the quality of the website.

Features & Results


We have established few questionnaire forms. We took this concept and digitized it on website to streamline process and make it easier for the end user. Each entry gets emailed to office upon submission and also gets stored in a back end database for future reference.


Cargo Overseas thrives because they have an unwavering commitment to provide every consumer, forwarder, and broker with an unparalleled experience with every shipment. Their design and website are a big part of this experience and with a continued-focus to operating on the cusp of the cutting-edge, Cargo Overseas continues to plot its position as an industry leader.

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