Travex enlisted our help to develop a product strategy and design web app and a mobile counterpart for their enterprise software that provides buyers to match up with travelers in order to order products from anywhere in the world. Together, we created a powerful tool that allowed buyers to hire best traveler for the job.


Travex’s brand aesthetics is light, sophisticated, and mechanical. Forms are composed of shopping and travel bag into one and curves–neither offensive nor soft. The color palette gives a sophisticated and vivid impression, composed of purple tones complementing yellow. We chose a typographic pairing that allows for fast legibility and is modern and highly functional.


After laying the groundwork for Travex, we transformed the product’s brand into a style guide and applied a cohesive visual design across all screens.

Web design and development

Our challenge was to create an easy-to-use, cart alike intuitive product that works seamlessly across all browsers and devices. To achieve this, we established goals, key features, and user needs. These informed user flows, which led to a robust series of wireframes.

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